Eugène Ionesco

The black Knight

, 1984
  • Material
    Lithograph on Rives Bütten
  • Production Method
    signed and numbered
  • Edition Size
  • Measurement
    19.69 in x 15.75 in
    (50 x 40 cm)
  • Details about the frame
    Handfinished, customized black wooden frame, with spacers and regular glass, size of the frame: 45,4 x 55,7 cm. Ready to hang.
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About the artist

Without Eugène Ionesco (1909–1994), there never would have been a “Theatre of the Absurd”. The Romanian-born author, who subsequently lived in Paris, is considered among the most important representatives of this particular genre of theatre, which aims at exploring the senselessness and banality of life, the disorientation of man, as well as questions pertaining to our existence. “Rhinoceros” from 1959 counts among Ionesco’s best-known works.

About the edition

In 1984, Eugène Ionesco created the piece shown here, a limited edition lithograph titled "The dark Knight" which is reminiscent of the spontaneous works of the “art brut” movement, the autodidactic and alternative artform whose naming can be traced back to Jean Dubuffet. A black knight stands before a white background and looks right at us — a fantastical character composed of two black triangles that looks as if drawn by a child. The funny grimace looks spooky in a harmless and infantile way and simultaneously offers insight into the idiosyncratic inner world of the artistic genius Ionesco.

Latest Exhibitions (Selection)

1960, Die Stühle. Eine tragische Farce, Theaterverlag Desch
1864, Die Nashörner. Erzählungen. Erinnerungen. Gedanken über das Theater, S. Fischer Verlag
1974, Der Einzelgänger. Roman, Carl Hanser Verlag
1989, Die Unterrichtsstunde, Reclam Verlag

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